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Serving the Great Vancouver areas, Dream Home Staging is a full service home staging company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We provide various services based on your needs. Please refer to the list below for specific information about each of our services.

Staging For Sale: Vacant Home

Vacant properties sit on the market longer. This is because most buyers find it difficult to visualize the potential of an empty house. By bringing in furniture, artwork and accessories from our inventory, plus rental furniture when necessary, we are able to showcase your house the way potential buyer’s want to see it – cozy and beautiful, yet functional.

Staging For Sale: Occupied Home

In order to make your house inviting to potential buyers, we depersonalize your interior and remove clutter. And by removing oversize pieces in your home, we are able to open up your spaces for maximum appeal. We will use selective furniture pieces and accessories currently in your home, plus items from our own inventory to create a dramatic new look.

Staging For Sale: Custom Spec Home

For custom builders and investors our Staging services begin very early in the construction process. We can assist in specifying colors and finishes, fixtures and cabinetry as well as flooring and countertops. These services also include placement of electrical outlets and openings such as doors and windows relative to optimum furniture arrangement and special attention to areas so important to efficient housekeeping such as pantries, mudrooms and laundry rooms. Always abreast of the latest trends in the design industry and with experience in executing renovations and remodeling, Staged Interior provides invaluable services to builders and investors. Of course the finishing touches, in any Custom Spec Home, are always the dramatic and effective Staging Services for which we are so famous.

De-Cluttering & Staging For Sale

For those instances when clutter is truly overwhelming, we use a step-by-step approach to prepare your house for sale. By bringing in a team of trained experts, we ensure that your possessions are professionally packed and removed. We can help you through each step of this challenging and emotional process. When the house is clutter free, we are able to move forward with the home staging process.

Staging to Live

If you aren’t looking to move, but need assistance in making your house feel like home, we can help! First we will analyze your property and lifestyle. Next we’ll provide professional advice concerning furniture placement, rearrangement, color and accessory selection. For those who need assistance purchasing items, personal shopping is available for an additional cost.

Home Staging Consultation

We offer two types of consultations. If you prefer to prepare your home for sale on your own but need advice on how to do it, we will come to your property and assess your situation. We will verbally advise you on exactly what you need to do to showcase your home in the best way. If you prefer to have us do the full-service Staging for you, we will come to your house for measurements and photos. We’ll assess all aspects of your home and present our comprehensive personalized plan to you. Finally, our Staging team will work their magic to create the “WOW” factor that potential buyers are looking for.

Commercial Space Staging

The professional staging of commercial office spaces for sale or lease or day-to-day operations brings the same benefits as residential staging. Furniture, artwork and accessories used in staging help your potential tenants visualize how the empty reception areas and other work spaces can be laid out. Creating this environment will help get the office space leased and occupied quickly. For existing business operations, rooms such as client waiting areas can be professional and functional with an added flare as we add the appropriate colors, finishes and fixtures.

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